Bario Electric pedicure device  

Bario is the dynamic callus remover. 

Bario is Electric pedicure device makes remove dry skin from feet

Easy operation to effortlessly smooth result



        Product Features


       - Effective removal of foot callus 
       - Remove callus with a very little effort
       - Possible to remove callus in finite part
       - Fast to remove callus
       - Collect the callus residue
       - Prevent the scattering of callus
       - Convenient to use and easy to move
       - Safe and sanitized
       - Splendid good design
       - Possible for semi-perpetual use



      Bario Electric pedicure device kit includes :


     1 Bario pedicure device body

     1 Polishing plate

     AC Power Adapter

     leaning brush

    User manual - HB

    Box - Recyclable



  Brief Award :


- Awarded the excellent patent goods in 2007 
- Awarded the Silver Prize in 2006 Korea Patent Exhibition
- Awarded the Bronze Prize in 2005 Geneva International Invention Exhibition
- Awarded the Good Design in 2005
- Awarded the Gold Prize in 2004 Seoul International Invention Exhibition
- Certified CE, FCC, RoHS and UL
- Patent registered
- Export to worldwide more than 28 nations





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 Bario pedicure device  

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